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Export list of complete business data of local businesses on Google Maps including their phone number in a csv.


Google MyBusiness Maps Scraper

With over a billion monthly users and nearly 10 million live websites using its services, Google Maps is the world’s largest business directory.

If you’re a B2B company that wants to target businesses in a particular area, Google Maps has the data you need to locate them and find their details.

The information on the Google Maps platform is essential for B2B and B2C businesses and valuable even for non-business-related interests.

But, Google Maps doesn’t have an export feature to download the data. So, this manual approach is going to take far too much effort, as well as time.

Enter Linkwheelie and our google maps scraper, you have a solution. You can input google maps search URL and result is provided to your mailbox in a csv and excel format. Best part is this does not run on your system, This runs on cloud in our machines.

Why Scrape Google Maps?

Companies can gain insights into their target customers, competitors' performance, and local market trends by extracting data from Google Maps. This information includes business locations, contact information, and customer ratings. Businesses can use this data to craft effective marketing strategies, develop new products, and create detailed profiles of potential customers.

Use Cases


Lead Generation

Quickly generate B2B leads for any industry.


Review Monitoring:

Find companies with negative reviews for reputation management.


Competitor Analysis:

Understand competitors' performance and strategies.


Market Research:

Analyze local businesses and consumer trends.

Who Scrapes Google My Business?

B2B Companies

B2B Companies:

For lead generation and market research.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies:

For SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Agencies


For studies on business trends and consumer behavior.

Marketing Agencies

Retail and Service Industries:

For competitive analysis and location planning.

Get Started Today

Whether it's for market research, lead generation, or competitive analysis, our tool is here to streamline your data collection process; Unlock the power of data with Google MyBusiness Maps Scraper using Linkwheelie.

For ease of use, you can download and use Linkwheelie Chrome extension.

Download linkwheelie

Frequently asked questions

This is a pre-built tool that allows users to scrape data from Google Maps without the need for coding or programming skills. Businesses, researchers, and individuals can use it for various purposes, such as lead generation, competitive analysis, market research, and reputation management.


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