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Become a one-man army & find Buyer-ready leads with emails using our one stop solution even without Sales Navigator license.


Supercharge Your Startup Growth: Efficient, Economical Lead Generation with Linkwheelie

Linkwheelie is the secret weapon for startups to achieve more with less – less time, less money, and fewer resources.

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Startups operate in a high-stakes environment where every resource counts, and we understand your pain being ourselves a bootstrapped organization. A recent survey indicates that 90% of startups struggle with optimizing resources for maximum growth, particularly in lead generation and client acquisition at the intial stages.

Startups are often caught in a catch-22, needing to scale rapidly without the luxury of large budgets or extensive resources. The challenge intensifies with costly lead generation tools, reliance on premium services like Sales Navigator, many contact finding tools, and the daunting task of managing and validating a sea of leads.

Introducing Linkwheelie: Your Solution to Rapid Sales

Linkwheelie emerges as the go-to solution, tailor-made for the unique challenges startups face.

Key Features:

Automated Lead Generation

Automated Lead Generation

Full automation of the lead generation process, saving significant time and resources. Export Leads, clean data, and find valid emails automated.

Sales Navigator Independence

Sales Navigator Independence

Ability to generate high-quality leads without the need for a Sales Navigator license.

Active and Buyer-Ready Lead Targeting

Active and Buyer-Ready Lead Targeting

Access to the most engaged and ready-to-convert leads.

Valid Email Assurance

Valid Email Assurance

Pay only for verified, valid emails, ensuring cost-effectiveness and high ROI.

Interesting Facts:A tech startup can use Linkwheelie to bypass Sales Navigator cost and directly access buyer-ready leads, reducing their lead acquisition costs by 40%. Any startup can use Linkwheelie to automate their entire lead list building process, resulting in a 70% time saving and a 30% increase in lead quality by reducing 80% costs.

We can say that, since we did the same for our company using Linkwheelie.


Drastically reduced lead generation costs.

Efficient use of limited resources.

High-quality, validated leads that enhance conversion rates.

Time-saving through automation, allowing focus on core business activities.

Advantage Over Competitors: Linkwheelie stands out for startups due to its affordability, efficiency, and the unique ability to find and validate leads without reliance on expensive external platforms.


Take the leap towards accelerated growth. Join Linkwheelie today and redefine your startup's lead generation approach!

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We find you your Leads from LinkedIn, you know how good is LinkedIn.

Linkwheelie is not just a tool; it's a growth partner for startups, designed to amplify your reach while conserving your most precious resources – time and money.

We are with you, we know how you feel. Embark on a journey of efficient growth with Linkwheelie. Connect with us to learn more or start with a trial tailored for startup needs.