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Not all LinkedIn Lead Generations tools are created equal. Linkwheelie is creating a new experience of finding leads and emails from LinkedIn.

You do not need to be tech-savvy, or even purchase Sales Navigator license to generate leads from LinkedIn. And never again put your LinkedIn profile at risk while automated extraction and scraping. Even if you are new to LinkedIn, Linkwheelie is here to help. We have made it simplest to use, safest to extract, and most efficient to find right leads and emails from LinkedIn.

Comparison Table

Stop doing LinkedIn extraction using unsafe tools and stop risking your LinkedIn profile today. Use Linkwheelie to scrape Leads and emails from LinkedIn Safely, we do not use your LinkedIn profile to scrape.

Let’s look at the comparison here how Linkwheelie fares against likes of Phantombuster, Evaboot and others. See this table of Linkwheelie vs Phantombuster, Linkwheelie vs Evaboot, and Linkwheelie vs other scraping tools.

Pricing plan comparison






Cloud Based

Yes Yes Yes Yes

100% Safe

Yes No No No

Uses own LinkedIn profiles to scrape

Yes No No No

Waterfall enrichment of emails

Yes No No No

Pay for valid emails results only

Yes No No No

Find Leads & emails even without Sales Navigator

Yes No No No

Bypass Daily Limits of LinkedIn

Yes No No No

Data Cleaned of emojis, caps & symbols

Yes No Yes No

Export Sales Nav Search

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Scrape LinkedIn events

Yes Yes No No

Scrape LI groups

Yes Yes No No

Scrape LI Posts

Yes Yes No No

Export Companies

Yes Yes No Yes

Scrape Jobs

Yes Yes No No

Easy one click solution

Yes No Yes Yes

Bulk CSV Processing to scrape

Yes No No Yes

Bulk CSV email finder

Yes No No No

Chrome Extension

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Find all profiles with Open InMail status

Yes No Yes No

Choosing the right LinkedIn scraping tool is the most critical business decision that impacts not just your sales funnel, but also your team's efficiency and your ROI.

A tools has to click all the key metrics –

1. Safety of your LinkedIn Profile – Linkwheelie is only tool in the world to guarantee that since it doesn’t have to use your profile at all.

2. Ease of use – Linkwheelie is the easiest to use tool with chrome extension and few clicks. Phantombuster is a way more complex tool to use with understanding and defining phantoms and flows. Although, Evaboot also provides chrome extension to use but it has very limited features.

3. Features – Linkwheelie and Phantombuster, both provide a lot of features as far as scraping is concerned, and scores pretty well on efficiency too. But, Linkwheelie goes extra mile to provide you hot leads and Targeted Leads with its features of Hot Lead Finder and Targeted ABM Filtering.

4. Pricing – Linkwheelie uses waterfall enrichment model to provide only valid emails to our customers. We integrate with more than 10 sources and verify emails thrice before providing to ensure less than 0.5% bounce rates.

5. Customer Support – We at Linkwheelie reply within 1-2 hours, we are available on chat, email and phone support as well.

We're not just a tool; we're a partner committed to your business growth. With our scalable pricing models, feature-rich platform, and relentless customer support, we are the go-to choice for businesses serious about leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation.

We invite you to start a free trial and experience the difference yourself.