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Find valid & verified emails in bulk, no hassles of verification again. No worries of Bounce rate.


Elevate Your Email Marketing Game: Maximize Reach, Minimize Bounces

Explore how Linkwheelie revolutionizes email marketing, ensuring higher deliverability and more effective campaigns by providing most valid emails, less than 2% bounces and hyper targeted leads.

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In a digital world where over 306 billion emails are sent and received daily, standing out in your target audience's inbox is a formidable challenge for any email marketer.

Common hurdles include high bounce rates due to invalid or outdated emails, difficulty in acquiring sufficient high-quality email leads, and the tedious task of data cleaning, often leading to inefficient campaigns and wasted resources.

How Linkwheelie helps you in landing most right inboxes

Waterfall Enrichment

Waterfall Enrichment

Ensures a higher yield of valid email addresses, surpassing other tools in the market.

Validation of Catch-all Emails

Validation of Catch-all Emails

Unique capability to validate even catch-all email addresses, significantly increasing more valid emails.

LinkedIn Scraping

LinkedIn Scraping

Ability to scrape LinkedIn for the most active leads and their emails, ensuring targeted and effective campaigns.

Thrice Verified

Thrice Verified

We make sure to provide less than 1% bounce by verifying all the results from provider thrice.

Linkwheelie redefines email marketing for the digital age, ensuring your messages reach the right inboxes every time.

Interesting Facts: On an average, an email marketer utilizes Linkwheelie's waterfall enrichment to expand their lead database by 30% with higher email accuracy. And B2B email marketer usually leverages LinkedIn scraping to target specific industry professionals, resulting in a 25% increase in campaign engagement just by using Linkwheelie.

We, ourselves, reduced our email bounce rate by 45%, leading to a 30% increase in open rates using Linkwheelie.


Access to a larger, more accurate pool of email leads than any other tool.

Drastic Reduction in email bounce rates.

Cost-effective pricing with high ROI.

Time-saving and cost-effective lead generation.

Enhanced email campaign performance and ROI.

Advantage Over Competitors: Linkwheelie not only provides more email results but also ensures their validity, a distinction that sets it apart in the market. Moreover, you only pay for valid emails.

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With competitive pricing and a proven track record, Linkwheelie offers a low-risk, high-reward solution for email marketers.

Frequently asked questions

We use waterfall enrichment where we integrate multi email finder tools and we verify their results thrice with different email verifiers to ensure only matching valid results to our users.

Linkwheelie is more than just an email finding tool; it's your partner in crafting successful, high-impact email marketing campaigns resulting in more meetings.

Embark on your journey to email marketing excellence with Linkwheelie. Sign up, connect with us for more insights, or follow our updates for cutting-edge email marketing strategies.