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Enrich all the leads exported from LinkedIn and web with only verified and valid business emails using Waterfall enrichment.


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There are two types of people in the business world:

First, those who say cold emailing is dead – probably still waiting for a fax to confirm it.

And second, those who've actually done cold emailing – they're too busy counting responses to care.

When you are here, you know you belong to that second category. And to ensure best of the responses you need to have right email addresses. There are many tools, yet we end up with issues time to time and:–

  • We want more valid emails results.
  • We don’t want to pay for efforts, pay for results.
  • We want less bounce rates, don’t harm my domain please.
  • We don’t want a mess of catch-all results.
  • Find emails in bulk using CSV upload.
  • Don’t want to find from one tool and verify from another tool.
  • Are tired of comparing multiple tools, difficult to choose one.
  • Don’t want to end up paying fortune just because I didn’t know or cared to code, to include many tools or use API.

Never a worry, since Linkwheelie is here to solve all of this.

WE CARE FOR YOU. We have coded an algorithm and included tools to ensure best of theresults from all the providers.

We have created a Waterfall enrichment of multiple email finder and email verifier tools to provide you valid results only. So now, You can ….

Try Linkwheelie for free
  • Find emails of anyone from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search.
  • Find emails in bulk processing of CSV
  • Find emails using just first name, last name, company domain.
  • Find maximum valid results than any other tool. Never miss out a single opportunity.
  • Get catch-all validated at fast speed.
  • Enriched by using 10+ email data providers and verifiers.
  • Pay only for valid emails.
  • GDPR compliant emails
  • Bounce rate less than 1%
  • Emails are verified thrice, take directly to outreach tool.
  • No comparison needed for tools, we included all.
  • Reasonable price, pay for what you use.
  • No headache of multiple subscriptions.
  • No need to purchase multiple tools for scraping, finding and verifying emails.

For ease of use, you can download and use Linkwheelie Chrome extension.

Download linkwheelie

Frequently asked questions

Bounce rate is less than 1%.


You are a click away from growth.

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