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Export jobs, companies and people who are hiring from more than 10+ job boards in a csv.


Can you build a Lead list from any Job Board? Can a company prospect using free job boards? Can you use Job Boards as sales triggers?

If you are thinking or wanting to know then answer is Yes. Using Linkwheelie you can do prospecting like never before and outdo competition. Find more below……

Let’s first know users of Job Scraping - Why people scrape jobs from job boards and who?

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

To find list of jobs and get hired.

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting Agencies

To find clients & market analysis.

Market Research firms

Market Research firms

To see labor industry trends.



To analyse competitors & sales triggers.

Freelancers & Agencies

Freelancers & Agencies

To find Active Buyer-ready clients.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Align curriculum with job market demands.

With JobGrab feature, you can scrape jobs and details of the company who posted the job. If you are scraping on LinkedIn then you might get information of Recruiter as well who posted the job. If you are not using Job Scraping to find clients, then JobGrab is the best feature and you can do market analysis, trends, triggers etc.

But bigger question is – How can you scrape Job boards to generate leads and find clients?


Please understand that Job boards are designed for candidates to get recruited. Job Boards are not designed to help you generate leads and they provide limited information.

When you only scrape jobs, you run into some issues like –

  • A. Missing company’s detailed information like size, industry etc.,
  • B. Multiple or duplicate job postings from same company,
  • C. No information of Recruiter or decision maker,
  • D. No contact information of anyone like phone or email

How Linkwheelie helps you, we ask you to input only URL of job search page and click on Hot Lead Finder button and …….

  • Linkwheelie Builds a list in csv with the complete Job posting information.
  • Linkwheelie builds a list of companies posted jobs, their detailed information.
  • Linkwheelie finds respective decision makers of those companies (You can choose)
  • Decision maker’s LinkedIn profile, detailed information, their valid business emails.
  • You get a spreadsheet with detailed information on each job posted, company who posted and kind of decision maker you chose along with valid emails.
  • Take it to outreach tool, you have trigger they are hiring. Book Meetings.

Hold your horses, this all you get without even purchasing license of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can build your lead list from any job board using Linkwheelie without purchasing Sales Navigator.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try Linkwheelie for free

For ease of use, you can download and use Linkwheelie Chrome extension.

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