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100% Risk-free Export of Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator search, LinkedIn Events, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn post engagers.


There is no doubt about LinkedIn being the best database of professionals in the world. With more than 700 million people in the LinkedIn Network, you shouldn’t be giving it a pass when it comes to Lead Generation especially for B2B sales.

In today’s world, if you are manually finding leads on LinkedIn then you are already centuries behind most of your competition. You should be doing automated extraction and build your lead list within mins.

But the problem is

  • A. LinkedIn is brutal on profiles doing automated extraction, you can get banned.
  • B. LinkedIn has set a limit of 1000-2500 profile extraction per day per user.
  • C.You don’t get valid business emails off LinkedIn profiles from LinkedIn, you need to pay extra for that to other tools.

So, how do you build a lead list then and find valid emails for all the leads and stay ahead of competition without fear of LinkedIn Jail.


Linkwheelie is a solution designed to cater all these. How we help you make the most of LinkedIn and convert your LinkedIn searches of prospects into your clients-

  • 1
    We don’t use your LinkedIn profile to extract (all other tools do). We use our own avatar profiles to scrape.
  • 2
    We help you extract more than daily limits by using our profiles.
  • 3
    We use waterfall enrichment of 10+ email providers and verifiers to make sure you get 100% valid and verified emails which you can take directly to your email automation tool and start outreach to book meetings right away. professional we understand the value of your time, do not spend hours formatting the sheet.
  • 4
    Every single lead data extracted from LinkedIn is cleaned and formatted for emojis, caps, duplicates etc.
  • 6
    With Linkwheelie, you can export leads from best of the places on LinkedIn.
    • a. LinkedIn Sales Nav search (of course)
    • b. LinkedIn Events
    • c. LinkedIn Groups
    • d. LinkedIn Posts Engagers (likers & commenters)
  • 7
    You can also input custom designation titles and find group of decision makers from Sales Navigator company search page without losing any Account search list.
  • 8
    If you are a job seeker OR if you look for companies who actively hire for services you provide, then you can scrape Jobs as well using JobGrabber feature.
  • 5
    We let you know which profile has set status of InMail OPEN so that you can send Free InMails. most of the tools in the market only let you export your Sales Navigator search. But you know that not the best of the leads you can find through Sales Nav search only. Find and connect your leads where they hang out on LinkedIn and engage themselves: groups, events, influencers posts.

Stop wasting time and stop risking your LinkedIn profile for finding leads in bulk. Use Linkwheelie to extract Leads from LinkedIn and get 100% valid emails. We help you export leads from almost everywhere on LinkedIn.

  • Scrape any lead from anywhere on LinkedIn; be it Sales Navigator searches, events, groups, or posts.
  • Get data cleaned for each lead – Removal of emojis, symbols, caps (Name, company, Job Titles)
  • Enrich Leads with 100% valid and verified business emails using waterfall enrichment.
  • Results exported in a csv. Take them to any email outreach tool directly.

For ease of use, you can download and use Linkwheelie Chrome extension.

Download linkwheelie

Frequently asked questions

No, you don’t need Sales Navigator for that. Just input the URL of any LinkedIn event happening in future date, we will find leads for you.


You are a click away from growth.

No Credit Card Required

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