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In the fast-paced world of recruitment, the difference between success and stagnation often hinges on the ability to generate and convert leads. A staggering 70% of recruiting agencies cite finding and engaging with the right clients as their biggest challenge. Since you know, timing is very important in recruiting so finding data of Hiring Managers is not the real problem. It’s about finding right leads at the right time.

Many recruiting agencies grapple with outdated or inefficient lead generation methods, leading to a high time-cost and low ROI. The struggle includes identifying decision-makers, accessing valid business emails, and tapping into a pool of buyer- ready prospects when they are ready to talk.

Introducing Linkwheelie: Finding Buyer-Ready leads

Bridging this gap, Linkwheelie emerges as a game-changer, offering an innovative and streamlined approach to lead generation for recruiting agencies.

Key Features:

ABM Prospecting

ABM Prospecting

Linkwheelie's Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Prospecting tool allows agencies to target specific companies, identifying key decision-makers and their valid business emails.

Hot Lead Finder

Hot Lead Finder

This feature taps into job boards, providing leads that are actively seeking recruitment services and hiring for the roles you recruit, ensuring higher conversion rates.

Waterfall Enrichment for Emails

Waterfall Enrichment for Emails

Guarantees a higher yield of valid business emails, reducing bounce rates and enhancing communication effectiveness.

Interesting Facts: A recruiting agency can utilize ABM Prospecting to target tech companies, resulting in a 25% increase in appointments.

Best is, a contingency recruiting agency can leverag the Hot Lead Finder to access buyer-ready leads from job boards, reducing lead qualification time by 30% and increase client acquisition by at least 40%.


High Quality, actively hiring leads.

High conversion rates with buyer-ready leads.

User-friendly interface and Direct access to decision-makers in target industries.

Significant time and resource efficiency improvements.

Enhanced communication with validated email contacts.

High Accuracy in getting you right leads to find recruiting business.

Advantage Over Competitors: Unlike other tools, Linkwheelie offers precision targeting with its ABM feature and a unique Hot Lead Finder, providing a more direct and effective approach to client acquisition. Linkwheelie stands out by offering a specialized suite of tools designed for the recruitment sector, delivering unparalleled precision and effectiveness in client acquisition.


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No other tool lets you find and export leads from Account Search page on Sales Navigator.

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