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LinkedIn is a powerful professional platform with over 700 million users and growing. Manually extracting this data can be very tedious and inefficient, which is why some turn to LinkedIn scraping—a method that uses automated tools to extract data from LinkedIn. People scrape data to personalise outreach,  do competitive analysis, mass connections and what not. There are always so many questions about scraping, I am trying to answer few here.


Is LinkedIn scraping legal?  The LinkedIn User Agreement prohibits data scraping, automated querying, and other data extraction tools. Scraping LinkedIn data might violate its terms of service, potentially resulting in account suspension or legal action. However, certain scraping activities may be allowed with LinkedIn's written permission OR if the data is public.


How to scrape LinkedIn for free?  LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a limited number of free searches monthly, while third-party extractors or scrapers can extract contact information from LinkedIn profiles. However, these tools often have limitations and could potentially lead to LinkedIn account suspension unless you are using Linkwheelie which helps you scrape profiles without using your LinkedIn profile and saving you from risk of suspension completely. 


Can LinkedIn ban you for scraping? Yes, LinkedIn can temporarily or permanently ban your account if it detects unauthorized data scraping. It's essential to use only a safe tool for scraping activities like linkwheelie and do not let other tools put your LinkedIn profile at risk which you built over years. You can read more about it here


Is the LinkedIn API free or what about other tools which they use? LinkedIn offers very limited free data access through its API and charges for it, plus you need to be technical enough to use that API in your code. Linkedin puts limit on usage and dataset there too. 


Can you scrape LinkedIn job postings? Yes, job postings can be scraped from LinkedIn using tools like linkwheelie. You can find more about it here on this article. However, results may differ when job scraping is conducted on the cloud, in short not on your profile. As LinkedIn provides job postings on every user’s page as per the ranks calculated by their algorithm based on location, title, activity etc.


With linkwheelie subscription; you can scrape leads, find verified emails, scrape posts, groups and events from LinkedIn. Moreover, you can scrape jobs from 10+ job boards and google maps. Your LinkedIn profile always stays safe, you can use linkwheelie even if you do not have Navigator license access. 


How about trying Linkwheelie free for 2 weeks for free without any obligation or credit card to see if it helps. 


Linkwheelie is a TekPon Verified Tool. 


Akesh Soni


Akesh Soni

Akesh Soni,  Founder of Linkwheelie,  has been in sales and recruitment business for more than 17 years. He founded SharpHeads in 2015, has been recruiting and selling to SMB, startups and enterprises for long to know the pain while finding out right leads; be it selling or be it recruiting. He wanted to come up with a B2B solution to be used which is simplest to use, safest to use, and yet most efficient. A Man with a Mission
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