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Export Leads from anywhere on LinkedIn and find their valid emails to build solid lead list.


Transform Lead Generation: Automate, Accelerate, and Excel with Linkwheelie

Linkwheelie transforms lead generation for B2B sales, offering unparalleled access to the most engaged and relevant prospects. Embrace the future of lead generation in B2B sales, where Linkwheelie automates and refines every step for unrivaled efficiency and precision.

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In the competitive landscape of B2B sales, the quest for quality leads is relentless. A recent study reveals that 80% of lead generation specialists are bogged down by manual, inefficient processes, significantly impeding their success rates.

Common challenges include the time-consuming task of sifting through vast amounts of data to find relevant leads, high rates of unverified or outdated contact information, and the inefficiency of manual lead list building and cleaning.

Introducing Linkwheelie: The Solution of New era of Lead Gen

Enter Linkwheelie, a groundbreaking tool that redefines the efficiency and accuracy of lead generation.

Key Features

LinkedIn Event Scraping:

LinkedIn Event Scraping

Source leads from niche-specific LinkedIn events, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Group and Post Engager Scraping

Group and Post Engager Scraping

Target leads from LinkedIn groups and engage with post engagers of industry influencers, offering a rich source of potential clients.

Complete Lead List Automation

Complete Lead List Automation

From identification to verification, Linkwheelie automates every aspect of lead list building, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Advanced Scraping Capabilities

Advanced Scraping Capabilities

Harness the power of LinkedIn, extracting leads from Sales Navigator searches, events, groups, and influencer engagements, tailored to specific industry niches.

Waterfall Enrichment of Emails

Waterfall Enrichment of Emails

Guarantees the highest rate of email accuracy, minimizing bounce rates and maximizing outreach effectiveness.

Interesting Facts A lead gen specialist can use Linkwheelie to extract leads from a major industry event on LinkedIn, achieving a 40% increase in lead quality. You can harness group scraping to build a targeted list, resulting in a minimum 30% higher conversion rate.


Access to high-quality, highly targeted, niche-specific , engaged leads.

Significant reduction in time and resources spent on list building and data cleaning.

Automation of the lead generation process, increasing overall efficiency.

Comprehensive automation of lead generation, from scraping to email verification.

Enhanced lead quality with lower bounce rates and higher engagement.

Advantage Over Competitors: Linkwheelie stands out by not only automating the lead generation process but also ensuring the leads are the most active and targeted, specifically tailored for B2B sales needs. Linkwheelie's unique full-spectrum automation sets it apart, offering an unmatched level of efficiency and precision in lead generation.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is what we precisely do. Your LinkedIn account stays 100% safe.


We find 80-85% minimum, and bounce rate is less than 1%.

With Linkwheelie, lead generation is no longer a bottleneck in your B2B sales process; it's a strategic advantage.

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