Quick Snapshot of basic tips to create LinkedIn InMail Subject Lines


When it comes to B2B sales, LinkedIn is a goldmine of potential leads and opportunities. With InMail, you can reach out to prospects directly, but capturing their attention is critical. A powerful subject line is the key to driving engagement and prompting recipients to open and read your message. 

In this article, we'll explore how you can create some of the best LinkedIn InMail subject lines that will pique the interest of your prospects and boost your B2B sales efforts. These are basic tips for starters & newbies.

Personalize with their name or company:

Using your prospect's name or their company's name in the subject line can instantly make your message feel more personalized and relevant. This approach demonstrates that you've done your homework and are genuinely interested in connecting with them.

"John, a xxxxservicerelatedresultxxxxxx tailored for [Company Name]"

"[Company Name]'s untapped potential for xxxcaseResultxxx : Open to discuss ?"

Remember, this is very basic approach and direct one. Keep doing testing to see how it performs, works mostly well for saturated services market. 


Highlight a mutual connection:

Leverage the power of your network by mentioning a mutual connection in the subject line. This can create a sense of trust and familiarity, making your prospect more likely to engage.

"Your colleague Jane recommended we connect"

"Hey Jennifer, Mike Gilchrist redirected to you to connect"

Be truthful while using this one as this can be real breaker of trust if otherwise. 


Showcase your expertise:

Position yourself as an expert by sharing valuable insights or offering solutions to a potential pain point. This can entice your prospect to learn more about your offering. Ensure you actually have that showcased on social media before pitching like that. 

"Unlocking revenue growth: Tips from a seasoned pro"

"Streamlining your supply chain: Strategies for success"

Reference a recent trigger event:

This could be the best approach as it provides a little idea of high intent of buyer. Stay abreast of your prospect's company news or industry trends, and use that information to create a timely and relevant subject line. This shows that you're engaged and informed about their business or them like funding, job change, some event hosted. You can set all sorts of triggers on LinkedIn. 

"Congrats on the recent funding - let's capitalize on that momentum"

"Addressing the new regulations in [Industry]"

Ask an intriguing question:

I am not a fan of "quick question" anymore as it is overly used in emails and LinkedIn and everywhere. Pose a thought-provoking question that addresses your prospect's needs, challenges, or goals. This can spark curiosity and encourage them to open your message for the answer.

"Are you leveraging these emerging B2B sales trends?"

"What if you could reduce operational costs by 20%?"


See, you should be looking to have conversation on LinkedIn. So make your subject lines engaging in a way that they would be open to talk, do not be salesy in subject line.

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Akesh Soni


Akesh Soni

Akesh Soni,  Founder of Linkwheelie,  has been in sales and recruitment business for more than 17 years. He founded SharpHeads in 2015, has been recruiting and selling to SMB, startups and enterprises for long to know the pain while finding out right leads; be it selling or be it recruiting. He wanted to come up with a B2B solution to be used which is simplest to use, safest to use, and yet most efficient. A Man with a Mission
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